Notices & Reimbursements

Over the summer, the Mayerson and Associates team has been working to file your “ten-day” notice letters and other notices. Whether your child is approved for a ten-month or twelve-month program, we know that the timing of reimbursement submissions and other related activity is extremely important. Our reimbursement efforts, led by Reimbursement Specialist Eric Tacher, are enabling our families to begin to see payments flowing within 45-60 days of a signed settlement by the Comptroller. We understand how challenging the DOE can be in regard to reimbursements but want to emphasize how important this aspect of your case is to our firm. This is an area of our practice that requires aggressive and persistent due diligence. We know that just winning or settling the case is the beginning of the recovery process and that we will need to be prepared to go the extra mile for our families.

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