MAYERSON & ASSOCIATES is committed to securing and enforcing the civil rights of individuals with autism and other challenges so that affected individuals and their families may have the opportunity for safe, inclusive and meaningful lives. The firm works closely with families, educators, and professionals to secure and fund individualized and effective educational programs and placements, as well as vocational/transition training programs and assistive technology supports. The firm also advocates and litigates in housing, employment, discrimination and reasonable accommodation matters.


Judge Weinstein’s Landmark 7/23/14 “Bullying” Decision in T.K. v. NYCDOE. Read more.

Bertie Lowenstein’s Inspiring Video About Her Son Joey and Doing Whatever it Takes. Read more.


Log onto http://t.co/q3Hof2typc website to see Bertie Lowenstein's inspiring video re Joey and doing whatever it takes
- Friday Aug 29 - 3:39pm