Maria McGinley will be speaking at the Everything Autism Conference

Next week, Maria McGinley will be speaking at the Everything Autism Conference. Everything Autism is an all-encompassing gathering of NYC Autism & Special Ed resources to highlight areas of support that families and educators may not have access to otherwise! The event will include guest speakers including heads of NYC schools, behavior specialists, authors, parents and more. It also will include a resource fair and sensory-friendly kids area!

This unique gathering of caring and talented therapy providers, camps, schools, legal experts, motivators and advocates is truly the first of its kind bringing together in one event the full range of New York’s greatest Autism and special ed supports as an inclusive community! So often families are dividing time in search of information searching as situations arise for a way to put out fires or cope with particular situations, the Everything Autism & Conference and resource fair is meant to be a guiding map helping educate and validate families educators and individuals with diverse needs navigate their lives with the tools they may need in advance ready for life transitions, enhancements, and social connections! Maria will be part of a panel discussing what a child's educational rights are from a legal perspective. To register go to…

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