New York Law School Symposium Focuses On Supreme Court

On March 23, 2018, New York Law School held a symposium focusing primarily on two important cases decided by the Supreme Court; Frye (having to do with the exhaustion of administrative remedies requirement) and Endrew F. (defining the meaning of the IDEA statute’s entitlement to a “free appropriate public education). Gary Mayerson presented as a panelist during the segment entitled “From Rowley To Endrew F.”  Gary also introduced guest speaker Clifford Rowley, the father of Amy Rowley, the student at issue in the Supreme Court’s seminal 1982 Rowley decision.  Mr. Rowley’s presentation was delivered in American Sign Language, and it provided a fascinating account of his family’s life and history before and after the Rowley decision.  Amy Rowley, for example, went on to earn a Ph.D. and is now a college professor in California.

At the conclusion of the Symposium, Gary Mayerson and colleagues Jean Marie Brescia, Maria McGinley, Jacqueline DeVore and Susan Wagner attended a reception in honor of NYLS Professor Richard Marsico, who coordinated the symposium and recently co-authored the law school textbook entitled “Special Education Law and Practice.”

Coincidentally, on March 23, 2018, the very same day as the NYLS Symposium, the Second Circuit rendered a decision answering one of the core questions discussed by the “From Rowley To Endrew F.” panel.  One of the important issues presented to the panel was whether or not the decision in Endrew F. represents a “sea change” in the Second Circuit, or whether that decision is reflective of existing Second Circuit precedent.  In Mr. P and Mrs. P., the Second Circuit Court of Appeals expressly held for the very first time that “Prior decisions of this Court are consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision in Endrew F.”

Gary Mayerson with Clifford Rowley